Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1What is Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?

This is a system where the learner mentally visualizes the abacus to do calculations without the aids of any physical instruments such as calculators, paper and pencil. Every calculation can be done probably in seconds.

2How long is the duration of each lesson?

For age 5 years and above, the abacus lesson is 1.5 hour for each lesson once a week. For age 3-4 years old, the class will be 1 hour once a week.

3How does the abacus help in mental maths or mental arithmetic?

Most of the young children started to learn numbers by counting their fingers. This is very limited when there is arithmetic number more than 10. At the starting point, we will teach the child the methods on how to use the abacus to do simple arithmetic questions. After some time, mental arithmetic will be brought in to the lesson on how to visualize the abacus in their mind. By then, the child will be equipped to do mental maths or arithmetic in a quicker way and produce accurate results.

4What is the most suitable age for a child to learn Abacus?

Joining the abacus class can be at any age, however, the success rate will be higher when a child start as early as the age of 3. Preferably the child should know how to recognize and write the numbers from 0 to 9.

5Why choose Superman Abacus & Mental Arithmetic?

Our Abacus & Mental Arithmetic programme is an international system which was founded by the Chairman and Professor Wang Tsun Cheng. It has been a long history of over 20 years in Taiwan. With our more than 100 ways of teaching methods and materials, the child can be improved, developed and benefited from the following:

  • To activate the mental power of the brain during the growing stage.
  • To train the child to respond effectively in a chain reaction.
  • To stimulate the potential power of the brain
  • Stronger mind in calculation, concentration, imagination and can response much faster and sensible in which will boost up the children's self-confidence.
6How long does it take to learn until advanced level?

The child will get to advanced level which is Dan level about 2 years depending on the individual children learning performance. When a child has reached Dan level, it can be seen as the child has already been equipped with powerful mental arithmetic skills and it could be useful for Primary 1 to 6 calculations.

7What kind of calculation can we do with an abacus?

By using abacus, the child can do any types of mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Any decimals questions also can be done.

8Does the child get any homework after each lesson?

Yes, the child is required to do homework after each lesson. This is to make sure they have better understanding of learning the abacus. The more they do, the fastest they will get into advance level.

9How many levels to be accomplished in Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?

The child has to be evaluated for both Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. The child will need to start with abacus arithmetic grading from Grade 10 to Grade 1, Dan level (advanced level) from Dan 1 to Dan 10. Mental arithmetic grading from Grade 13 to Grade 1, Dan level (advanced level) from Dan 1 to Dan 10, Honour Dan level (higher advanced level) from Honour Dan 1 to Honour Dan 20.

10How much is the course fee?

You may Call/Whatsapp/SMS us at +65-8858 9399 or visit our Facebook Page by clicking "Send Message". We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

11Can I have a trial for my child?

Yes, we can arrange a trial class for your child. You may Call/Whatsapp/SMS us at +65-8858 9399 or visit our Facebook Page by clicking "Send Message". We will schedule a trial lesson with you.