Best Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Classes in Singapore

Who are we

Superman Mental Arithmetic is a provider of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic course in Singapore for students of various age groups. It's a great skill to stimulate a child’s brain development and empower them to reach their full potential. We help children to improve calculation ability, left & right brain development, concentration & focusing skills through visualizing the abacus in the brain. We also help our students to apply mental arithmetic skill to solve calculations in school and they will learn on how to do mental arithmetic in abacus class.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?

This is a system where the learner mentally visualizes the abacus to do calculations without the aids of any physical instruments such as calculators, paper and pencil. Every calculation can be done probably in seconds.

How long is the duration of each lesson?

1.5 hour for each lesson.

How does the abacus help in mental maths or mental arithmetic?

Most of the young children started to learn numbers by counting their fingers. This is very limited when there is arithmetic number more than 10. At the starting point, we will teach the child the methods on how to use the abacus to do simple arithmetic questions. After some time, mental arithmetic will be brought in to the lesson on how to visualize the abacus in their mind. By then, the child will be equipped to do mental maths or arithmetic in a quicker way and produce accurate results.