Who Are We

About Us

Superman Mental Arithmetic was founded in 1982, originated from Taiwan. The master mind behind this incredible substantial course, Prof. Wang Tsung Cheng whom is the National Taiwan Abacus Mental Arithmetic Main Instructor and also the founder of Superman School.

WE envision ourselves to be the trainers of the leaders tomorrow. Thus, we not only focus on books and skills, but we trained our students to be independent, to have self confidence, to stay focus and improve their concentration. Keeping in mind also, that we discipline our students in order to prepare them to be leaders of our future.

WE have proved many many years in the past and many more years ahead, that our students are trained to be excellent contenders in the Mental Arithmetic International Competition and proud enough to say that our students have won numerous championships in these competitions. In fact, one of our student, is an awardee of The Malaysian Book of Records in the category of Mental Arithmetic.

All of our teaching materials are a series of continuous syllabus of more than 100 types of different stages and level, compiled meticulously by Prof. Wang Tsung Cheng, himself.

Apart from these, our teachers undergoes a very extensive training on Abacus and Mental Arithmetic and are always updating themselves with our monthly training with experts from Taiwan and elsewhere. With these constant updates and training, we proved that our teachers are more attentive and passionate when teaching.